Friday, January 15, 2010

Blog Idea #4: Mathematical proofs proving dru sucks

Let's assume that variable D is equal to the variable S squared. Now let us assume that the variable R is equal to the product of variable C and variable K. With these assumptions it is mathematically safe to say:


Upon further review we can verify that since S is not equal to F, it is also safe to say that:

DRU does not equal FUCKS

We can argue this mathematically, but also because Dru is undesirable to the opposing sex, thus why he is incapable of the latter proof.

Blog Idea #3: Maryland? More like MARRY-land!

This one is pretty much exactly like one of those awful state blogs that Dru does. It'll consist almost entirely of pictures of people getting married in Maryland and saying "Welcome to Marry-land! You know what I'm talking about?!" Then about the third post it'll be something like a picture of Maryland because he'll think his readers won't expect him to get stupider but he'll get stupider and he'll write something like: "Who put this state here?! This is MARRY-LAND! LOL!"

He will generally make up for his lack of humor with the phrase LOL. Or OMG. Or ROFL. He thinks that this fake internet enthusiasm makes this stuff funnier.

The reason this blog wouldn't work is because Dru will probably actually make this blog. Thus, it wouldn't really be a guest blog.

Eat shit, Dru.


Blog Idea #2: Dru's head on undesirable people

This one is a photoshop blog. I photoshop Dru's head on undesirable people. Simple as that.

Blog Idea #1: Places Dru has smoked a thousand cocks!

Yeah... my first proposal to Dru is a detailed description of the number of places Dru has smoked a thousand cocks. I will detail the areas in Europe, the areas in North America, the areas in South America, the areas in Asia, the areas in Africa and yes, even the areas in SPACE! I'll make a detailed analysis on how he smoked them, and I will write it as if it was Harry Caray commentating.

FOUR POSTS TOTAL! PSSH! I'll need WAY more posts to detail the places Dru has smoked a thousand cocks.